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Allegedly OJ showed up unannounced and Nicole blew him off. Prior to dropping off the glasses, Ron Goldman goes home to change and probably "freshen up".

He leaves his home, glasses in hand, and begins the 5 minute walk to Nic Hole's bunghole.

____ (China) DW Dae Won (China) EA Qing Dao (China) = Epiphone Acoustic ED is from their Epiphone Dongbei factory. EE Qing Dao (China) = Epiphone Electric F Fujigen (Japan) = Elite/Elitist models F/FN Fine Guitars (Korea) = non-Elite/Elitist models GG (two identified -- Epiphone says it has no record of using GG -- may have slipped through system or are 3rds) I Saein (Korea) J Indonesia (Jakarta ?

) -- note: one Elitist model made in Japan has been reported having a J letter code K Korea Ins. ____ (Korea) MC Muse (China) MR = Mirr factory, China N-- see FN O Choice (Korea) P/R Peerless (Korea) S Samick (Korea) SI Samick (Bogor, Indonesia) SJ Sae Jun (China) SM Samil (Korea) SN ____?

And when I think about it, she was just around 13-14 when they filmed her kiss with Woo Hyun. Kim sae ron, kim hyang gi, kim ji min, kim hyunsoo, jung dabin well most o them are kims lol but I like sae ron the most. hi kim im so proud of your success,you know that i am your one of your biggest fan here in the Philippines, im so very inspired of you ,thank you advance happy birthday to you, i wish i can see you soon,thanks for all you are my inspiration of my life god bless. I was once astonished by seeing her performance in "A man from nowhere" and "Girl next door". Watching your latest drama now mirror of the witch your first adult role drama. :)♡♡♡ I just want to compliment how great Kim-Sae Ron's acting is. I just can't believe my eyes when I saw the kissing scene in Glamorous Temptation because last time I checked you were just 14 years old that time. :) im not usually watching korean dramas but when i watched the trailer of 'hi school love on' here in our country,i'd get to watch because you're so cute and beautiful. You know what even if im a filipino i still love watching korean movies,dramas and more. Thank you for making me happy at your drama series Hi!

I really want to watch ur upcoming drama series and movies. That being said, she still goes beyond some older actors/actresses. Woah there's wso many 2000liner actresses in kpop industry. You act out the characters well and able to get the emotions out of it. I love you Hello~ i am your number 1 fan~ *mwa* i like your movie high school love on! U and shin woohyun and lee sungyeol cqn be a gang good friends! wish you luck and more blessings ^_^ ;) Hi, I'm a fan from Phillipines. And please no kissing scene, you're too young to do that.

He was Mitt Romney's vice-presidential running mate in the 2012 presidential election.

The former chairman of the House Budget Committee, Ryan has represented southern Wisconsin in Congress since being elected in 1998.

It should also be mentioned that OJ's girlfriend Paula Barbithingy dumped OJ, and boy was was angry. A description of the neck injury goes as follows, "The incised wound of the neck is gaping and exposes the larynx and cervical vertebral column.- Will Ferrell/Steve Carell/Christina Applegate/Paul Rudd/David Koechner/Jackie Collins/Joan Collins/Frank Skinner/John Cleese/Terry Jones/Eric Idle/Michael Palin/Terry Gilliam/Michael Bublé (2013) ...Himself Video (as suspected killer "Angel"): "Good Cop, Baby Cop".Around midnight, a neighbor found Nic Hole's dog Kato wandering around the neighborhood. Her hair was naturally brown, and she needed a touch up. It measures 5 by 2 inches in length and is found at the level of the superior border of the larynx." That wound also cut into her spine. They claim it was partly because of the Simpson frenzy, but I think they are just trying for moral high ground to save face. Nic Hole's sister Denise Brown was there with the rest of the gawkers.When the neighbor returned the dog to Nic Holes, he found a (WARNING dead pic) nasty little discovery waiting for him. She had a boob job, and she only had a lower tan line. I'll spare you the techie details, but this is the fatal wound. That restaurant should have closed earlier on, and Nicole Simpson breathed new life into that dump. "I don't think I've ever been this happy in a long time. Or create a full time job for yourself by starting a charity with your murdered sister's name.

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