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It's not often that the sleepy Connecticut River burg of Fairlee — year-round population 977 — witnesses the opening of two new restaurants in five days. Early in the week, locals got their first taste of the Lunchbox Deli & Café, a three-table daytime spot at 192 Route 5.

On Monday, Amber Sharon and Shawn Nelson began serving simple home-style fare such as biscuits and gravy, breakfast quiche, pastries, and sandwiches from their cozy storefront.

TV shows, off-hand comments from family and peers, and magazine articles all around me were screaming out that a person’s worth was dependent on their waist size.

It was also a time when my family was going through a very difficult period.

Oh, sure, some of them were attracted to me and it wouldn't have been difficult to have comforted myself with a series of meaningless, superficial sexual encounters.

But that's not what I wanted; that's not me, ultimately that's not even satisfying, in case my mother is reading this. All evidence to the contrary, Julie, I informed anyone who asked about it, that it was simply a question of time and luck before I'd meet my soul mate.

It weighed one ton and hung down two entire flights of stairs.

Plus, just because we haven't met yet, doesn't mean we can't share our feelings, right? After many years of not being able to find you, Julie -- well, two years to be exact, the frustration of the endless search started to get to me.

Without further ado, here are the ~s Po Ok Ie St~ of the scariest scary stories. First, this story about a truly evil twin sister from starflashfairy is ...

yikes: My twin sister Mallory and I are completely indistinguishable, right down to our overly sensitive Irish skin.

Next door at 176 Route 5, chef-owners Kelden Smith and John Hessler opened their 37-seat Samurai Soul Food on Friday night.

The pair met while working in the kitchen at Worthy Burger, where Hessler ran kitchen and PR cleanup after a five-case E.

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