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Then through another accident, he ends up with not only her passport but also her bag with all her money, yeah it’s gonna be like that. Either way Chae-Young is a total bitch but agrees to let Se-Jin stay until she (meaning Se-Jin) can get her shit back from Seung-Wan.

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Sorry, Korean drama creators, I only cry when you kill off a grandfather characters. A Korean girl Jung Se-Jin (Eugene) and Han Seung-Wan (Kim Jae-Won) are on a plane and omo! Oh wait, this is a dream Seung-Wan is having and just so happens to be sitting next to Se-Jin but magically dreams 100% accurately about her even though they’ve never met.Main cast: Kim Jae-Won, Eugene, Lee Ji-Hoon Director: Lee Chang-Han Total Episodes: 18 Audio Tracks: Korean, Mandarin Subtitle: English, Chinese Rated: PG Studio: Release Date: 20 Production Year: 2005 Running Time: Approx. of Disc: 6 Format: NTSC Dvd: Dvd 9 Dual Layer Video: Mpeg 2 Audio: Dolby Digital AC3 Audio Channels: 2 Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Resolution: 720×480 px Format: NTSC Region code: All Countries Special Features: Interactive Menus, Scene Selections Synopsis People like to say, “Love knows no national boundaries or age.” “Love is fate.” or “Love has the power to overcome all difficulties.” However, what is the ultimate stage of love? This could sound ridiculously old-fashioned, especially to the younger generation. Nevertheless, he always wins and gets what he wants.They still fall in love of course, but becoming a part of a system such as marriage can be troublesome, at best. Most of all, it’s unimaginable for many young people to give up their dreams for love and marriage. He’s the type of person that average people love to hate.) I choose this drama to see eugene at first i wanted to watch "crazy mom". it brings you varieties of laughter and tears jerking moments.however my negligence brought me to this drama and having to realize that i was watching "all about my mom" instead. The last few episodes are very heart warming and touching.

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