David kross kate winslet dating

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When then-16-year-old David Kross initially auditioned for Stephen Daldry’s “The Reader,” his mother worried whether he would be able to graduate from school.“I had already missed four months of school to make my previous movie, ‘Krabat,’ and I wasn’t the best student, so I had to make a deal with her,” recalls the young German actor, who was himself worried about something else entirely: the nude scenes he’d have to shoot with star Kate Winslet.

She's sexually confident, prepared both to listen to Michael wittering on in schoolboy Latin and initiate him in the ways of the flesh.

Kross has since worked in both German and English speaking film roles, including War Horse, Race and Into the White. His career started with a small appearance in the 2002 film Hilfe, ich bin ein Junge (English: Help, I'm a Boy! a 15-year-old boy who moves with his mother from a rich neighborhood of Berlin (Zehlendorf) to the Neukoelln area, known at the time for its high number of Turkish immigrants and high crime level.

Kross not only won praise at Berlinale in 2006, but also won Best Actor in Nuremberg at the 11th Filmfestival Deutschland/Tuerkei.

“That was the first thing I thought of when I read the film’s script: ‘Oh my God, I have to do sex scenes.'” Kross had ample time to prepare, however.

He spent three months working with a dialect coach improving his English and spent both his 17th and 18th birthdays on set.

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