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Whenever a new version of the software is available from the Paessler website PRTG will download the setup file automatically if a direct internet connection is available.The PRTG System Administrator user will then receive a To Do ticket with instructions to initiate the update installation.To view the auto-update page of your PRTG installation, select Setup | Auto-Update from main menu.On the Status tab you can download and perform updates.For information on viewing all Support Requests for the folder, see How to Access a Support Request filed by another user (2016906) Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 9 and you add a note, change account association, or close the Support Request, the Support Request may be updated twice. Each order row displays useful details, such as the customer address, email, telephone number, and the order status.

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From the single order page not only can you view all order data, but also edit and update it.

Just a few weeks earlier, in November 2008, 9% of internet users used Twitter or updated their status online and in May of 2008, 6% of internet users responded yes to a slightly different question, where users were asked if they used “Twitter or another ‘microblogging’ service to share updates about themselves or to see updates about others.” Of the standalone applications that enable short messaging to a network of friends, Twitter is the most well known.

First made available to those online in August 2006, Twitter allows users to send messages, known as “tweets” from a computer or a mobile device like a mobile phone, Blackberry or i Phone.

Twitter users can select from a variety of third-party Twitter interfaces, browser plug-ins, photo- and video-sharing applications that enhance mobile and computer-based use of the basic application.

Users have themselves expanded the information carried in a twitter message through the development of in-tweet shorthand and symbols that allow for the sharing, replicating and searching of tweets.

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