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Petty made his NFL debut against the Detroit Lions on August 13, 2015. She is at present a Pre-K teacher at New Deal Elementary School in Texas.

He is now the third string quarterback behind Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick. We encourage to keep an eye on pretty Jordan she sure is one sexy piece of eye candy.

She said, “I started emotionally eating, just watching them work out.

I knew it was her that bumped into me and I put my arm around her and I was turned to watch the TV screen and I felt her push my hand away and honestly had no idea.” Sharna added, “You can see when I move his hand that he had no idea where it was.

Marriages are something that can last a lifetime and most are destined to last that long.

However, Genevieve Gorder’s married came to a halt.

We’ve got Sharna Burgess and Bonner Bolton’s first partnered-up interview after the “Dancing with the Stars” near-grope that blew up Twitter!

On Monday night’s episode, Bonner was caught on camera with his hand around Sharna’s crotch region backstage.

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